Business Litigation 

Our Columbus & Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney Has Represented Clients in a Wide Array of Legal Disputes

Business litigation is the meat and potatoes of my law practice. As a business litigation attorney, I have represented clients in a variety of business disputes, including cases involving breach of contract, construction disputes, employment lawsuits such as sexual harassment and unpaid wages, partnership disputes, fraud, violations of consumer law, trademark and tradename disputes including claims in front of the trademark trial and appeal board, and real estate disputes. If your case is business oriented, I have likely handled a similar matter before.

Our Columbus & Atlanta Business Litigation Lawyer is Results Oriented

My outlook on litigation is simple: I strive to get the best win possible based upon my clients’ goals and situation. As a former Marine, I am an extraordinarily competitive individual and I do all that I can to achieve success in any given case. While the vast majority of civil cases settle before trial, I am aptly prepared to take a case to trial and appeal adverse outcomes when necessary.

However, I do not sugar coat anything; if you’re in a bad position from a litigation perspective, I will let you know in no uncertain terms. By nature, some cases are clear winners, others are clear losers, but most fall somewhere in-between. If the facts of your case look grim, it is my job to tell you and to try and get you the best settlement possible.


While I vigorously defend my clients’ interests, the last thing you want is an attorney who misevaluates the strengths or weakness of your case. That’s why case evaluation is always step one for me. While many facts are often unknown at the beginning stages of litigation, I will diligently obtain and review available information and facts in order to provide you with an objective evaluation of your case. This way, I can present my client with all viable options and allow the client to choose the option best for their particular situation.

Litigating Your Case: A Multi-Step Process That Can End at Any time.

Clients who are involved in litigation for the first time are often surprised to learn how long it takes to get to trial. For most cases, trial dates are set approximately one year from the date the suit is filed. However, it is important to understand that a lot happens in-between filing a suit and trial, so much so that very few cases ever actually make it to trial.


The most significant steps tend to be discovery and dispositive motions. In discovery, the parties have an opportunity to gather documents from each other and depose witnesses. Often, factual disputes and uncertainties become clear. Once both sides have a better understanding of the nuanced facts, settlement often becomes more viable. Most parties do not want to continue to spend legal dollars getting to trial, if it suddenly becomes clear that one side is going to lose.

Business Litigation Experience in Numerous State and Federal Courts

While practicing as a commercial litigation attorney in Columbus, Ohio I have litigated in numerous courts throughout Ohio, including the Common Pleas Courts of Franklin, Delaware, Cuyahoga, Summit, Licking, Perry, Madison, Clermont, and Guernsey Counties. I have also handled numerous cases in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

If you have a business-related dispute, please feel free to contact me. I will take the time to understand your dispute, give you an objective evaluation, and determine if representation is right for you.


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