Construction Law

Our Construction Law Attorney Handles Construction Issues Throughout Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, GA. 

I have represented many construction companies, from mid-sized construction companies who perform multi-million-dollar renovations, to sole proprietors involved in roofing, masonry, and other commercial and residential construction.

I have assisted construction clients in drafting contracts, as well as assisted through multi-party complex construction lawsuits. I routinely assist construction clients with mechanics’ liens, construction litigation, consumer law disputes, construction defects, as well as prompt pay act issues.

Our Construction Law Attorney Assists with Mechanics' Liens in Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, GA

Mechanics’ liens can be an invaluable tool to ensure that your construction company is paid for work performed. If a contractor, subcontractor, or material supplier goes unpaid for performing construction work or for supplying materials for a job, they are likely entitled to a lien on the property to secure payment for their services or materials. Liens must be timely recorded with the county recorder in which the property is located and properly served on the appropriate parties. Once a valid mechanics’ lien is in place, the lien holder may have the right to foreclose on the property to collect fees owed. However, in practice, a foreclosure rarely happens. Typically, the landowner of contractor will end up settling the dispute and paying for the services in order to remove the lien.

Ohio's Prompt Payment Act Can Ensure Subcontractors are Timely Paid

Under Ohio’s Prompt Payment Act, if a subcontractor submits an invoice for materials to a contractor in sufficient time to allow the contractor to include the invoice in the contractor’s own pay request submitted to an owner, then the contractor must pay the subcontractor within ten days after it receives payment.

If the general contractor fails to remit this payment to the subcontractor (other than partial amounts with held for retainage or to resolve liens associated with the subcontractors work) then the subcontractor is entitled to 18% interest on the outstanding amount and may be entitled to attorney fees incurred for bringing a lawsuit. Thus, Ohio’s Prompt Payment Act can be a powerful tool to ensure subcontractors are timely paid.

Our Construction Attorney Helps Companies in Columbus, Ohio and Atlanta, GA Comply With Consumer Law

Any construction companies who perform work on residential properties should be aware of overzealous consumer protection laws that apply to residential services. The Consumer Sales Practices Act and Home Solicitation Sales Act have strict requirements regarding residential construction contracts as well as other required actions. Failure to have a compliant contract puts a construction company at risk of a lawsuit for triple damages, as well as attorney fees. Most small companies are completely unaware of these Acts and fail to comply with their requirements, a not so well-kept secret among plaintiff attorneys eager to sue your company and collect attorney fees. I assist construction companies throughout Columbus and central Ohio to comply with these consumer laws and avoid these increasingly frequent consumer lawsuits.

Please feel free to contact me to learn how I can assist your Columbus, Ohio or Atlanta, GA construction company.


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