Business Transactions

Our Business Attorney Has Guided Clients Through Numerous Business Transactions. 

I have represented companies in many industries through numerous business transactions, including asset purchases, stock purchases, and corporate restructuring. In addition, I routinely assist clients with commercial leases, operating agreements, corporate regulations and bylaws, purchase and sale agreements, service contracts, construction contracts, as well as other routine business transactions. 

Business Formation and Startups

As a business lawyer, I have assisted numerous clients in starting their businesses. Many decisions must be made at the outset of any business, including choice of business entity, taxation, ownership, and corporate governance. Ensuring that new companies have appropriate ownership and governing documents is especially vital when a business will have more than one owner. In this case, all ownership interests and capital contributions should be documented, as well as how much control each owner will have over the business and what share of profits each is entitled to. This will be in the form of an operating agreement for a limited liability company or corporate regulations for a corporation. 

Our Columbus & Atlanta Business Lawyer Can Assist in Buying or Selling a Business

Buying and selling a business can be an extraordinarily complex transaction, depending upon how the business is being bought or sold as well as the nature of the business. Purchasing a business can be done in the form of an asset purchase, a stock purchase, or merger. Most common is the asset purchase in which the purchasing entity buys all of the assets and goodwill of the selling entity. Even though the buyer in an asset purchase is not purchasing the business entity itself, a well drafted asset purchase agreement is still needed to protect the buyer in case it is not getting what is bargained for and due diligence is needed to ensure any liens on the assets are paid at closing. The repercussions for having a poorly drafted agreement can be harsh for both the seller and the buyer. Ensure you retain a competent business lawyer in Atlanta, GA or Columbus, Ohio prior to entering into any agreement to purchase or sell a business. 

Commercial Leases

Commercial leases can come in many forms, but most common is the triple net lease in which all expenses are passed onto the leasee. This can include expenses related to the upkeep and utilities used in common areas, HVAC, and sometimes even upkeep of parking areas. Other terms are often negotiated in leases as well such as signage, number of parking spaces, and limited uses of the premises. In retail leases, it is common for the landlord to keep a small percentage of revenue as part of rent payments. While commercial leases tend to follow the same trend, it is important that each be reviewed carefully by competent counsel. Spending money on counsel now to review a lease can save you much more money later on if there is an unanticipated dispute under the lease. 

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